The Use of Entertainment as a Freedom of Expression

17 May , 2017 Entertainment

Freedom of expression is a right to express freely a person’s opinions and ideas that are through writing, music, acting, speech and other types of communication that do not bring any means to harm other characteristics and reputation of another individual. The use of freedom of expression is simply the heart of a democratic nation wherein you can express everything in such a manner that can be understood or not by other people.


What are its benefits?

Freedom of speech- in this case, you have all the right that every person can have and that is through expressing what you really want to say.

Feelings- you can abundantly express how you feel either through speech or in a creative manner. There are people who would prefer to express how they feel in composing music and lyrics, other would take it to another level by composing poems or expressing it through painting or drawing. Most artist would benefit this it is because, through their creativity of expressing their feelings, they are able to come up another piece of entertainment for others who can relate to what they have done.


It helps in building a person’s character- since entertainment is one way of assuring that a person can totally express his or her rights through the use of their talents and skills, this also creates a kind of person that is well-mannered in terms of expressing oneself. Your confidence as an individual is best driven if you know how to express it especially if you are a kind of person who has a low self-esteem.


It advances knowledge- another factor that most people would want to be involved in entertainment is that it provides information. Details such as how technology has given opportunities for people who wants to be a part of it. For example, those who are into automobile and computer marketing is beneficial for you to learn so many things from the people who are behind manufacturing these items. Through entertainment, you will see how advantageous it is to get insights from the things that you have seen and heard.


A possible peace in the society- regardless of the situation of the society, there is always a possible chance that the society will experience peace through the use of entertainment. The challenge is how you’re going to make a big impact to a person’s life. Although criticism is present in any aspect of life, think of how it can mold you to better your performance and with entertainment, you are motivated to do things more than getting affected with bad comments. Showing it by entertainment will help individuals to express themselves as well.


Freedom of expression in entertainment is very significant as without the different types of entertainment you can never express your rights, your voice will never be heard, your creativity will never be seen and become an inspiration to a person’s life and your individuality will never be recognized. That is why the benefits of entertainment are really important for that matter.

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